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Deck Limited Battles

Deck Limited Battles

Competitive ONE PIECE CARD GAME events are here!!

Use your Super Pre-Release Deck or cards and get ready for these events!



October 29, 2022 – November 12, 2022

Event Schedule and Tournament Organizer
To Area DATE
Core TCG North America Sunday October 30
Play!TCG North America Saturday November 12
PPG North America Saturday November 5
Raid'n'Trade Europe Saturday November 5
JOKMOK Europe Saturday October 29
TAK Games Oceania Saturday October 29
Coqui Latin America Sunday October 30

ONE PIECE CARD GAME Deck Limited Battles will take place online.
Compete with your Super Pre-Release Deck or cards to win exclusive prizes!

Participation Requirements
You must play with one of the products below, or a 50-card deck made up of cards from the products below:
  • ・STARTER DECK -Straw Hat Crew- [ST-01 PRE]
  • ・STARTER DECK -Worst Generation- [ST-02 PRE]
  • ・STARTER DECK -The Seven Warlords of the Sea- [ST-03 PRE]
  • ・STARTER DECK -Animal Kingdom Pirates- [ST-04 PRE]
  • *You must play a minimum of three rounds in order to receive any prizing for this event. If it's found that you are not using official Super Pre-Release Starter Decks or cards (English Version), you will be disqualified from the event, ineligible for a refund, and be subject to further disciplinary action.
  • *Demo Decks and cards are tournament illegal for this event.
  • *Promotion Pack 2022 Cards are tournament legal for this event.
  • *Applications submitted via TCG+ will be selected by lottery. In addition, if it is discovered that you have applied fraudulently from multiple accounts, you will be disqualified and will lose the right to apply.
  • *After the lottery is confirmed at TCG+, the participation fee will be required to be paid on the website designated by the tournament organizer, so please confirm this at the time of application.

Application Method

Application needs to be done through our tournament management system, BANDAI TCG+.
Applications for players is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Prize List

Top 32
2nd Place
Serial Numbered Limited Promotion Card
  • Serial Numbered Limited Promotion Card
  • *Also scheduled for prizing at future events.
Official Card Sleeve(1 at random)
  • Official Card Sleeve
  • Official Card Sleeve
  • Official Card Sleeve
  • Official Card Sleeve
Don!! Sleeve
  • Don!! Sleeve
Storage Box
Storage Box
Promotion Pack 2022(5 cards per pack)

Participation prize Promotion Pack

Featured Card List

What is Bandai TCG+?

STARTER DECKS Super Pre-Release Version

TCG+ is a one-stop application for Bandai Card Games that includes finding a store near to you, registering for events, tournament attendance and pairings, deck building features, and statistics.

For Store's Registration, access to the following link.

  • *Super Pre-Release Application for stores had been closed on June 2,2022.