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Championship 2024

Championship 2024

Witness the crowning of the best ONE PIECE card game player, the Card Game Pirate King!

What is ONE PIECE CARD GAME Championship 2024?

It is the world biggest tournament for the ONE PIECE CARD GAME.
Win the preliminaries and become the Card Game Pirate King!!

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  • *Event dates and details are subject to change.
  • *Invite and Open Finals may differ depending on region.
  • *Prizing may differ depending on region.

Championship 2024 Finals


The Championship Finals for the ONE PIECE Card Game crowns each region’s Card Game Pirate King and decides who goes on to the World Championship in Japan in March 2025.
This year for North America and Europe there will be Season 1 Finals in Sept.-Oct. 2024 and Season 2 Finals in Dec. 2024-Jan. 2025.
When the timing matches the Finals will be held at the Bandai Card Fest 24-25 events!​
Winners that are joining the Worlds should make sure they have a valid passport and apply for a visa if needed as soon as the dates and their participation is decided.
More details are coming soon!​

  • *North America Championship Finals will require an invite, earned at one of the Regionals.​
  • *Other Regionals will be Open Finals and not require an invite.​
Click here for details of Finals

Online Regional


Online Regionals are a great way for players to participate in the Championship from the comfort of their own homes!
Set up your webcam and join the fray!

  • *Prizes will be delivered directly to your home.
  • *Prize delivery is limited to the host TO's area.
  • *Finals invites are only awarded to North America TCG+ players.
  • *For North America, Finals Championship invites will be passed down to the next highest ranking player if a finalist already has an invite.
  • *You must be a resident living in the region in order to take part in that region's event.
    You must also participate from the event's region.
    Sales or transfer of admission tickets and invites is strictly forbidden.
    If competitors are found to violate any of these requirements at any time before, during, or after the competition, they will be disqualified from the event, forfeit all prizes, and be subject to further suspensions from Bandai organized play events.
Click here for details of 2nd wave Click here for details of 1st wave

Offline Regional


Offline Regionals are in person championship events!
Become the best in your area and claim your prizes!

  • *Final Invites are only awarded to North America TCG+ players.
Click here for details of 2nd wave Click here for details of 1st wave