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Banned/Restricted Card Addition Notice

March 15, 2024

For the ONE PIECE Card Game a deck may contain up to 4 copies of a single card (same card number), but for matches in Official/Certified Tournaments it may be necessary for some cards to be made “Banned/Restricted Cards”.
There are 2 groups when this happens, “Banned Cards” and “Restricted Cards”. When a card is a “Banned Card” it is not permitted at all in decks used, while a “Restricted Card” means only 1 of that card is permitted in the deck.

*All cards with the same card number are considered the same card even if the illustration is different.

Cards that are designated as “Banned/Restricted Cards” here may have this removed during updates depending on the current conditions of the game so please check it carefully when making a deck for an Official Tournament.

When considering the current game rules and environement as of June 21, 2024 some cards will be added or removed from the respective Banned or Restricted list.
The updated Banned/Restricted card lists are below.

Banned Card
effective from June 21, 2024.

Restricted Cards

There are currently no cards in this category.

Banned Cards

OP05-041 Sakazuki
  • OP05-041
  • OP05-041_p1

This card's effect allows players to draw cards with little risk, making the ideal game plan centered around this card easily replicable. Its reliability is a strength that sets it apart from other Leaders, especially in tournaments.
In addition, the blue and black color combination affords highly flexible effects, with black serving to lower cost and blue removing Character cards at the bottom of the deck. The result is a deck that is more powerful than expected, leading to one-sided battles that ignore the use of the trash, [On K.O.] effects, and other game mechanics.
This card has a higher win rate and usage rate than other cards due to its powerful removal ability, reliability, and minimal risk, and significantly impairs the enjoyment of fundamental aspects of the ONE PIECE Card Game: the back-and-forth of attack and defense between Characters and the ability to choose from a variety of Leaders. We have therefore decided to designate this card as a Banned Card.

ST06-015 Great Eruption

While many other cards reduce cost in a way similar to this card, this is the only card that can reduce cost without consuming any cards in the player’s hand or imposing any conditions, making it powerful in every stage of the game. We have determined that this card significantly lowers the risk involved in removal for decks containing black cards.
Given the very high usage rate and win rate of decks that include black cards, and the fact that this card has the highest usage rate among cards that reduce cost, we have decided to designate this card as a Banned Card.

OP06-116 Reject

The "deal 1 damage to your opponent" effect of this card greatly improves the ability of decks containing yellow cards, which often feature [Trigger] effects, to deal finishing blows. It thereby makes these decks harder to deal with than expected and significantly boosts their win rate.
In addition, we are concerned that the cost of dealing 1 damage via this effect is low and the ability to easily ignore offensive and defensive play causes more stress for players than expected, so we have decided to designate this card as a Banned Card.

Cards which have become effective

Banned Card
effective from December 8, 2023.

Restricted Cards

There are currently no cards in this category.

Banned Cards


Announcement Regarding
Removal of Cards
from Banned and Restricted Lists
(December 1, 2023)