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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Green) Eustass"Captain"Kid

Assume an impenetrable defensive stance before turning the tides with unrelenting, powerful blows!


A highly defensive deck comprising a large number of Blockers and 7 and 8 cost "Eustass"Captain"Kid" cards.
Add in the finishing power of Kid's Leader effect, and this deck offers a good balance of offense and defense.

ST02-013 Eustass"Captain"Kid

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

This deck boasts a strong finisher for the endgame. To prepare for the long game, get your hand ready using "ST02-007 Jewelry Bonney" and "OP01-041 Kouzuki Momonosuke", and use cards to deal with your opponent's Characters in the early game.
Effects that rest your opponent's Characters offer a good way to gain an advantage on the board in the early to mid game. "OP01-035 Okiku" is an especially powerful card in this respect and should be played early.

  • ST02-007 Jewelry Bonney
  • OP01-041 Kouzuki Momonosuke
  • OP01-035 Okiku

"Jewelry Bonney" is suited to searching for finishers and Blockers, while "Kouzuki Momonosuke" is suited to finding cards with rest effects. Gauge the situation and consider which one to prioritize activating.

Mid Game

With no direct means to remove cards from your opponent's hand, it's vital for green decks to hold onto their board advantage.
"ST02-010 Basil Hawkins" is excellent for attacking your opponent's rested Characters, while "OP01-047 Trafalgar Law" can protect allied cards like "Jewelry Bonney" and "Okiku".
The best strategy is to use these cards while moving towards the point when you'll play high-cost Characters.

  • ST02-010 Basil Hawkins
  • OP01-047 Trafalgar Law
  • ST02-013 Eustass"Captain"Kid

You'll soon be playing "OP01-051 Eustass"Captain"Kid", the strength of which will grow the more Blockers you have and the more cards in your hand.
If you see "OP01-051 Eustass"Captain"Kid" in your hand, you should start lining up Blockers and using cards taken from your Life due to opponent attacks to grow your hand from this stage.

End Game

Play "OP01-051 Eustass"Captain"Kid" alongside a Blocker. This is a powerful card that solidifies a favorable board or gives you the chance to turn the tables on an unfavorable board.
If you have enough of an advantage, use your Leader effect to really cut into your opponent's Life in one go.

  • OP01-051 Eustass"Captain"Kid
  • OP01-039 Killer
  • ST02-001 Eustass"Captain"Kid

No matter how solid your board is, it will all be swept away by "OP01-094 Kaido".
When facing an opponent adept at removing cards, it's important to attack your opponent's Life aggressively rather than playing too many cards.
You'll be in a safe position if you can get enough attacks in so that you can win with Leader Kid's effect on your turn after "OP01-094 Kaido" is used.