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Ramp up your DON!! cards and spend them all at once with this high-power, high-cost deck!


A ramp deck that focuses on building DON!! cards with "Onigashima Island" to get high-cost cards out faster than your opponent. Sacrifice DON!! cards to overwhelm your opponent with cards carrying powerful effects.

ST04-017 Onigashima Island

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

This deck prioritizes ramping up DON!! cards. If "ST04-017 Onigashima Island" is not in your hand initially, draw again.
In the unlikely event that you do not draw "Onigashima Island", "OP01-093 Ulti" is adequate for early ramping.

  • ST04-017 Onigashima Island
  • OP01-093 Ulti
Mid Game

The strength of the purple Kaido deck is that you can do anything by spending the DON!! cards you've amassed.
Gain the upper hand by playing high-power Characters while using "ST04-004 King" and "OP01-096 King" to remove opposing threats, and "ST04-005 Queen" to replace cards in your hand.
Don't forget to use "Onigashima Island" to replenish your depleted DON!! cards.

  • ST04-004 King
  • ST04-005 Queen
  • OP01-094 Kaido

While "OP01-094 Kaido" has a high cost of 10, it can instantly K.O. Characters on the field, making this card a key way to deal with your opponent's high-cost Characters.
However, it will K.O. your Blockers, making defending yourself difficult on the next turn. Pay attention to your remaining Life and the Counter values of the cards in your hand.

End Game

In the endgame, use "ST04-003 Kaido" to K.O. 1 Character and attack with Rush. You can K.O. 2 Characters, or eliminate a Blocker while attacking the Leader.
You can also use the effect of Leader card "ST04-001 Kaido" to upset your opponent's Life cards, but rushing into this move risks leaving you without enough DON!! cards.
You can use DON!! cards given to other cards to pay the −7 DON!! cost, so start by giving DON!! cards to boost your attacking Characters. This is a good way to use DON!! cards efficiently while chipping away at your opponent's Life.

  • ST04-003 Kaido
  • ST04-001 Kaido
  • ST04-016 Blast Breath

Although "ST04-016 Blast Breath" has a −1 DON!! cost, its ability to give +4000 power for 1 cost makes it an excellent card for defense.
Employ this card strategically while considering the number of DON!! cards you can use on your next turn, taking into account the 2 DON!! cards added in the DON!! phase.