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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Blue) Emporio.Ivankov

Let the miracle unfold as you use up your hand and keep on drawing!


Call upon the Leader effect of Emporio.Ivankov to draw when you have 0 cards in your hand, and weaponize Counters and hand-discard effects. Draw the 6-cost Monkey.D.Luffy with your 7-cost Emporio.Ivankov to form the ultimate bounce-and-draw duo. Emerge triumphant by playing a constant stream of cards while you never stop drawing.

OP02-051 Emporio.Ivankov

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

The most powerful mechanic of this deck is the ability to play multiple Characters using the 7-cost "OP02-051 Emporio.Ivankov". In the early stages, you'll need to prepare your hand for this move using "OP02-058 Buggy" and "OP02-070 New Kama Land". Use the 3-cost "OP01-073 Donquixote Doflamingo" to manipulate your deck so that you can determine which cards you draw after playing the 7-cost "Emporio.Ivankov".

  • OP02-058 Buggy
  • OP02-070 New Kama Land
  • OP01-073 Donquixote Doflamingo

The strong point of the Leader "Emporio.Ivankov" is that it can replenish your hand even if you start the game off using Counters. Nevertheless, having a small hand limits your moves, so it's important to always anticipate the next turn when deciding which cards to keep.
If you are able to play "New Kama Land", you can replace 1 card in your hand each turn, making it easier to find moves to make.

Mid Game

Use the [On Play] effect of "OP02-051 Emporio.Ivankov" to play powerful Characters in one go.
Even if you don't have "OP02-062 Monkey.D.Luffy" or "OP02-053 Crocodile" in your hand, so long as you can reduce the cards in your hand to 3 or fewer, you can fish for them with this [On Play] effect.

  • OP02-051 Emporio.Ivankov
  • OP02-062 Monkey.D.Luffy
  • OP02-053 Crocodile

If you draw "OP02-062 Monkey.D.Luffy" with your 7-cost "OP02-051 Emporio.Ivankov", you'll have 2 cards left in your hand. Activate the [On Play] effect of "Monkey.D.Luffy" to gain an additional 2 draws with the Leader effect.

End Game

It is difficult to keep protecting your Characters with a small hand, so make sure to play additional Characters.
The best approach is to constantly play cards while trashing unnecessary cards using "OP02-070 New Kama Land" and "OP02-065 Mr.3(Galdino)".

  • OP02-049 Emporio.Ivankov
  • OP02-050 Inazuma
  • OP02-065 Mr.3(Galdino)

"OP02-050 Inazuma" becomes stronger the fewer cards you have in your hand, while you can set "OP02-065 Mr.3(Galdino)" as active to remove it as a target for attack. Make use of both cards for offense and defense.