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Unleash a flurry of powerful removal Events with this control deck!


Use search cards like Striker and Buggy to accumulate an abundance of removal Event cards, and then K.O. your opponent's Characters one after another. Incorporating cards that reduce power will further boost your removal ability, so land a 7-cost Portgas.D.Ace or a 5-cost Marco and press the attack.

OP03-001 Portgas.D.Ace

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

The deck employs four search cards: "OP03-020 Striker", "OP03-008 Buggy", "OP03-003 Izo", and "OP02-022 Whitebeard Pirates". Start off by using these cards to collect the Events and Characters you will need as you prepare for your opponent to play their Characters. It is essential that you find cards to match your opponent's playstyle, such as "Fire Fist" for opponents who line up many Characters on the field, and "Flame Emperor" for opponents who focus on playing powerful Characters.

  • OP01-035 Okiku
  • OP01-121 Yamato
  • OP01-041 Kouzuki Momonosuke

Keep in mind that you can use search to draw another search card (e.g., use "Izo" to draw "Striker", or "Whitebeard Pirates" to draw "Izo"), and thereby increase your chances of accessing the cards you want.

Mid Game

This is the point in the game when the battle will begin in earnest as Characters with power of around 5000 to 6000 start appearing. Use the removal Events you added to your hand in the early game to deal with your opponent's Characters. "OP03-013 Marco" is especially powerful because it allows you to play cards while removing your opponent's Characters, so try to unleash it as soon as you can.

  • OP03-018
  • OP03-013

"Marco" also has a powerful [On K.O.] effect, making it a difficult card for your opponent to deal with. Although you might not always be able to make the best use of its [On Play] effect, just putting the card on the field will put pressure on your opponent.

End Game

Aim to K.O. your opponent's powerful characters with Events, and then end the game by cutting down their Life with Rush Characters and Leader attacks. "OP03-016 Flame Emperor" can K.O. Characters with up to 8000 power in a single blow, while "OP02-013 Portgas.D.Ace" and "OP03-017 Cross Fire" can reduce the power of powerful Characters, setting you up to K.O.them with low-cost Events.

The Leader effect of "OP03-001 Portgas.D.Ace" converts unneeded Events and Stages into Leader power-ups. Consume cards as if they were Counters if you think you no longer need them for this battle. When the timing seems right for an attack, you can trash all the Events in your hand to power-up your Leader and go for a lethal blow.