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Go wide and swing hard with this technical aggro deck!


The appeal of this deck lies in the large number of attacks the Leader and East Blue Characters can unleash. The deck works much like an aggro deck by spreading weak Characters horizontally across the board and repeatedly attacking your opponent to wear them down, while also offering the flexibility of a green deck that rests your opponent's Characters to dominate the board.

OP03-036 Out-of-the-Bag

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

Since this deck is concerned with ramping up attacks on your opponent, you should focus on getting Characters with around 5000 power on the board. The combination of "OP03-027 Sham" and "OP03-034 Buchi" is especially good for establishing an early board advantage; even if you can't use "Buchi"'s K.O. effect, playing both a 4000-power Character and a 5000-power Character at just 3 cost is good enough. Searching with "OP03-030 Nami" should make it easier for you to get this set of cards.

Avoid playing the 1-cost "OP03-023 Alvida" early in the game as it needs 2 DON!! cards in order to attack.This card will come into play when combined with your Leader effect, "OP03-036 Out-of-the-Bag", or "OP01-047 Trafalgar Law", so prioritize playing other cards instead. If you have "Trafalgar Law" in your hand, you can play it in advance.

Mid Game

Use the Characters you have played to attack your opponent. Even though the power per attack may be low, the more you attack, the more you will deplete your opponent's Life and hand, thereby creating a resource gap. Use "OP03-028 Jango" and "OP01-047 Trafalgar Law" after attacking to attack further and play more Characters. Repeat this process to maintain the high level of attacks and plays each turn that is at the core of this deck's strategy.

If you are facing a deck that also focuses on playing horizontally across the board, like an aggro deck, you will need to turn to dealing with cards. In this case, "OP03-024 Gin", which can rest 2 of your opponent's Characters, will be useful.

End Game

You no longer need to think about playing Characters in the endgame. Give lots of DON!! cards to your cards and aim for a lethal series of attacks with greater power than in the mid game. Play low-cost {East Blue} cards such as "OP03-023 Alvida" and use your Leader effect or "OP03-036 Out-of-the-Bag" to secure more DON!! cards to give.

If you cannot find a way to finish the game, try using "OP03-030 Nami" to search for it.
In addition to allowing you to search for "Jango" and "Out-of-the-Bag", "Nami" itself can be used to pay the cost of your Leader effect or "Out-of-the-Bag".