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Dig into your deck and attack your opponent's wallet for an alternate win!


This alternate-win-condition deck is focused on activating Leader Nami's extraordinary effect, which rewards you with the victory when your deck runs out of cards. Harness blue cards, which excel at drawing, as well as Characters that trash 7 cards from your deck on dealing damage to cut your deck down to size.

OP03-040 Nami

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

Because it is extremely difficult to cut down your deck just by drawing cards, "trash 7 cards from the top of your deck" effects are very important. First, play "OP03-051 Bell-mère" and "OP03-041 Usopp" onto your field and look for an opportunity to attack. If you do not have the DON!! cards needed for their effects, get ready to withstand a big blow in the latter half of the game by playing Blockers, or prepare your hand with "OP03-056 Sanji's Pilaf".

"OP03-044 Kaya" can be used to prepare your hand, but it will not increase the cards in your hand or make your board stronger.
Holding onto this card through the early game will expand your options and open up more powerful plays later down the line.

Mid Game

Your opponent naturally will not just sit back and watch you play, but will try to strengthen their board and reduce your Life. This means you will need to use cards to some extent in order to counter and avoid losing the board. "OP03-047 Zeff" is a powerful card that can both stall and cut down your deck, while cards such as "OP03-122 Sogeking" and "OP03-048 Nojiko" can also be useful in setting up the board.

Aggro decks with many cards in the hand are dangerous opponents who will rapidly cut down your hand, so "OP01-086 Overheat" will be helpful in allowing you to stop 2 moves with a single card. On the other hand, Blockers serve as an effective defense against opponents with powerful Characters.

End Game

Once you have created somewhat of an opening to attack, it is time to mount a "trash 7 cards" attack. Stack attacks such as "OP03-041 Usopp"'s Rush attack and your opponent will not have enough Counters to hold you back. You should aim to successfully launch a total of at least two "trash 7 cards" attacks in one game. When you have few cards remaining in your deck, switch your playstyle to focus on grinding down your remaining cards. Check the number of "OP03-044 Kaya" and "OP03-056 Sanji's Pilaf" cards in your hand, and figure out the cost and hand you will need.

You can use cards that return a Character to "the owner's hand" on your own cards so long as they do not specify "opponent". "OP01-086 Overheat" and "OP03-047 Zeff" can be used to return your "OP03-044 Kaya" or "OP03-048 Nojiko" to your hand, allowing you to further cut down your deck or stay alive.