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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Red/Blue) Nefeltari Vivi

Instantly activate [When Attacking] effects with this fast attack-and-draw deck!


Leader Vivi makes up for being unable to attack by giving any Character the power to attack with [Rush] and allowing you to draw one card. This medium- to high-speed deck enables the seamless activation of powerful [When Attacking] effects as you spring unexpected attacks on your opponent.

OP04-001 Nefeltari Vivi

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

While "OP04-001 Nefeltari Vivi" is a multicolored 5-Life Leader, it has one large disadvantage: "This Leader cannot attack." However, this allows you to capitalize on the "give your Leader –5000 power" effects of "OP04-002 Igaram" and "OP04-006 Koza" without regretting the cost.

"OP04-006 Koza" has 3000 power, meaning under normal circumstances, it may be easily K.O.'d before its [When Attacking] effect can activate.However, having "Vivi" grant it [Rush] transforms it into an attacker with 5000 power and a cost of only 3.

Mid Game

Usually, a full turn passes before [When Attacking] effects can be used, and there is a risk that they will never activate if your opponent deals with the Character during their turn—but it's a different story with this deck. Give [Rush] to cards with powerful [When Attacking] K.O. effects, such as "OP01-017 Nico Robin", "OP04-008 Chaka", and "OP04-013 Pell", to seize total control of the board from the mid game.

When you combine the Character cost with the ② cost of the Leader effect, the [DON!! x1] cost for [When Attacking] effects can seem heavy. Play "ST01-007 Nami" early on to make these effects easier to use and increase the number of hits you can get in.

End Game

When you have more DON!! cards, give [Rush] to a high-power Character to strike a powerful blow. Use the [On Play] effect of "ST03-009 Donquixote Doflamingo" to return an opponent's Blocker to their hand, then attack with [Rush] and totally upset their strategy.

Characters that attack with [Rush] are more vulnerable to being attacked by your opponent because they are rested. Use the extra cards from your Leader's draw effect to manage your Life and control the board. "OP04-017 Happiness Punch" is a good Counter for when your Leader cannot attack, and is especially effective as a Counter to cards with multiple attacks, such as "ST02-001 Eustass"Captain"Kid" and "OP03-076 Rob Lucci".