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Gladiators dominate the Coliseum with mighty removal and draw powers!


In exchange for being unable to attack, Leader Rebecca offers powerful removal and draw abilities. This durable deck secures a board advantage through a combination of Corrida Coliseum and Characters that can attack active Characters, then remains in control until the finishing blow is dealt.

OP04-096 Corrida Coliseum

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

Start off by searching for key cards using the Leader effect of "OP04-039 Rebecca" and the [On Play] effect of "OP04-092 Rebecca". Your top priorities should be "OP04-096 Corrida Coliseum" and "OP04-082 Kyros". Both are powerful cards that greatly mitigate the disadvantage of not being able to attack with your Leader, so getting these cards onto the field early will have a big impact on how the match unfolds.

The Leader effect, which allows you to draw a card every turn at 1 cost, is very powerful, but it can only be used when you have 6 or fewer cards in your hand. Throw down [Counter] cards from the beginning of the game and keep your hand at a moderate number of cards to best take advantage of the Leader effect.

Mid Game

Use effects that interfere with your opponent's Characters, such as "OP04-081 Cavendish" and "OP03-047 Zeff", to solidify the board. If you have played "OP04-096 Corrida Coliseum", you'll be able to make effective use of the [When Attacking] effects of Characters such as "Cavendish".

Some cards used in the endgame of this deck have effects that activate when you have a high number of cards in your trash. "OP03-047 Zeff", which can send cards to your trash while also clearing the board, has excellent synergy with these cards.

End Game

Use the finisher "OP04-090 Monkey.D.Luffy" to take the board. The [Activate: Main] effect, which reactivates it, is extremely powerful for attacks against both Characters and the Leader. Being unable to attack, your Leader general struggles to reduce your opponent's Life, but if you can line up two consecutive Double Attacks with the help of "OP04-093 Gum-Gum King Kong Gun", you should be able to rally in the Life race.

"OP04-083 Sabo" grants removal resistance to all your Characters while helping you prepare your hand. Play it together with a low-cost blocker such as "OP04-089 Bartolomeo" to build a formidable wall of Characters. Overwhelm the board with "OP04-090 Monkey.D.Luffy" on one turn, then protect it with "OP04-083 Sabo" on the next, and victory will be yours for the taking.