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A true masterpiece! A recovery deck that wields Ice Oni!


At only 2 cost, Plague Rounds can remove an opponent's 4-cost Character while also deploying an Ice Oni to up the pressure on your opponent's Characters. This two-card combo harasses your opponent's mid-game Characters while seamlessly leading to a finisher by powerful Characters with bounce effects. Once you've got a high-cost finisher on the field, replenish Life cards with your Leader effect, and roll off a chain of powerful plays to lock down the board.

OP04-055 Plague Rounds

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

You'll want to assemble both "Plague Rounds" and "Ice Oni", as the main players in this deck. You can use "OP04-046 Queen" and "OP04-051 Who's.Who" to search for both cards. Note, however, that removal of 4–5-cost Characters might not work well against some opponents. If your opponent has an extremely high-cost deck, it may be worth searching for "OP04-044 Kaido" or a Character with a +2000 [Counter] instead.

"OP04-043 Ulti" can not only send an opponent's low-cost Character to the bottom of their deck, but also return a friendly Character to your hand. Keep in mind that you can combine this with "OP04-051 Who's.Who", repeatedly returning it to your hand and replaying it for the search effect.

Mid Game

Remove your opponent's Characters with "OP04-055 Plague Rounds" and play medium-cost Characters like "OP04-054 Rokki" to set up the board. Played via the effect of "Plague Rounds", "OP04-047 Ice Oni" can shut down attacks by Characters of 5 cost or less, and even synergizes with your Leader effect. Slow down your opponent and buy time for high-cost Characters in the endgame.

If your opponent plays a high-cost Character to get around "OP04-055 Plague Rounds", bust out "OP01-070 Dracule Mihawk" or "OP04-044 Kaido" to take it down. Try to have one or two cards on reserve for dealing with high-cost cards.

End Game

Use powerful Characters to dominate the board. Play "OP04-047 Ice Oni" or "OP01-070 Dracule Mihawk" during the endgame when your hand is low and your Leader effect will become a Life-recovery effect. The ideal play is to use [Counter] cards to reduce your hand so that the total number of cards in your Life and hand is four or less.

You can combine your Leader's Life-recovery effect with "OP01-073 Donquixote Doflamingo" to add specific cards to your Life. "OP04-104 Sanji" and "OP04-100 Capone"Gang"Bege" are great for keeping you in the game, making them a good choice for adding to your Life cards.