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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Green/Yellow) Yamato

Threaten with Double Attack and slash your opponent's Life!


Launch a potent offense from the early game using Yamato's [Double Attack] with this aggressive deck.
Gain the upper hand in Character deployment with cards that are stronger when your opponent's Life is depleted.
In the end game, protect yourself with yellow's recovery effects while resting your opponent's Blockers to finish them off.

OP06-022 Yamato

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

The strength of "OP06-022 Yamato" lies in its permanent [Double Attack].
Your Leader's [Activate: Main] effect and the Triggers of {Land of Wano} Characters will come into play when your opponent has 3 or less Life cards, so start off by giving DON!! cards to your Leader and slashing your opponent's Life cards.

  • OP06-022 Yamato
  • OP06-104 Kikunojo
  • OP05-102 Gedatsu

If you suspect your opponent will use Blockers and Counters to protect their Life cards, this is your chance to use "OP05-102 Gedatsu". Steadily deploy Characters while strengthening your Leader with DON!! cards and attack.

Mid Game

If you can successfully attack your opponent's Leader, you will be able to use the Triggers of "OP06-109 Denjiro" and "OP06-104 Kikunojo" to deploy these Characters.
You can also aim for Triggers using your opponent's attacks. Plant a Trigger that comes into your hand with "OP06-106 Kouzuki Hiyori" in your Life cards to put the pressure of an unknown threat on your opponent.

  • OP06-109 Denjiro
  • OP06-106 Kouzuki Hiyori
  • OP06-107 Kouzuki Momonosuke

"OP06-106 Kouzuki Hiyori" has 0 power on your field, but use it with "OP06-107 Kouzuki Momonosuke" to restore your Life. If you take damage and it is added to your hand, it can be used again for its +2000 Counter.

End Game

Once your opponent's Life has been reduced, they will have no choice but to use Blockers for protection.
Rest those Blockers with "OP05-115 Two-Hundred Million Volts Amaru" or "OP06-035 Hody Jones", and couple this with your Leader's "Activate: Main" effect to aim for a swift victory.

  • OP06-035 Hody Jones
  • OP05-115 Two-Hundred Million Volts Amaru
  • OP05-114 El Thor

You do not want to needlessly reduce your Life cards in order to use Triggers or "OP05-115 Two-Hundred Million Volts Amaru".
"OP05-114 El Thor", which strengthens when your opponent has 2 or less Life cards, is an excellent Counter Event to use for support when your Life is low.