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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Blue/Purple) Vinsmoke Reiju

Use science to dominate the board with this transforming GERMA 66 combo deck!


A blue/purple Reiju deck composed primarily of GERMA 66 cards.
Sacrifice DON!! cards to take advantage of the various effects of the cost-transforming Vinsmoke family, while using your Leader's effect to continuously replenish your hand.

OP06-068 Vinsmoke Reiju

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

{GERMA 66} Characters have special transformative effects that allow you to play a Character of the same name from your hand or trash at a slashed cost.
To start, aim to have transforming cards in your hand and cards to transform in your trash. Start the game using means of exchanging your hand and drawing cards such as "OP06-078 GERMA 66".

  • OP06-068 Vinsmoke Reiju
  • OP06-078 GERMA 66
  • OP06-079 Kingdom of GERMA

"OP06-079 Kingdom of GERMA" offers the best means of manipulating your hand, as it allows you to search for a card you need while trashing a Character you want to transform. Getting this card should be your top priority in the early game.

Mid Game

If you have collected enough Characters with the same names, you will have the chance to deploy powerful Characters at 2 to 4 cost.
Transform cards such as "OP06-061 Vinsmoke Ichiji" or "OP06-065 Vinsmoke Niji" to deploy powerful Characters while taking out your opponent's Characters, and even using your Leader's effect to draw.

  • OP06-060 Vinsmoke Ichiji
  • OP06-061 Vinsmoke Ichiji
  • OP06-069 Vinsmoke Reiju

Although its requirements are tough (the number of DON!! cards on your field must be equal to or less than your opponent's,
and you must have 5 or less cards in your hand), the draw 2 effect of "OP06-069 Vinsmoke Reiju" is especially powerful.
Spend the Character card to be transformed using Counter to reduce your hand.
Just be careful to avoid having more DON!! cards than your opponent, especially if your opponent is also using purple cards!

End Game

By the time you assemble 8 DON!! cards while deploying cards, you should start to have "Ichiji", "Niji", "Sanji", and "Reiju" cards to use to transform and to transform.
If you can use "OP06-062 Vinsmoke Judge" in return for your opponent K.O.'ing your Character, you will be able to deploy all your GERMA 66 cards at once.

  • OP06-062 Vinsmoke Judge
  • ST04-005 Queen
  • OP06-042 Vinsmoke Reiju

This deck's strength is that you can always keep your hand in order using your Leader's effect,
even when you cannot successfully line up Characters of the same name. "ST04-005 Queen" is particularly valuable when used in combination with your Leader to draw 3 cards and assemble the parts needed for transformation, while also moving the cards to be transformed into your trash.