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Resurrect Characters from your trash with this versatile deck!


This deck's greatest asset is the ability to revive Characters from your trash at a cost lower than their original cost to establish a board advantage. Combine this with black's specialty—cost-reducing effects—to keep fighting while removing cards from the field.

OP06-080 Gecko Moria

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

"OP06-080 Gecko Moria" boasts the great advantage of allowing you to deploy 4 cost {Thriller Bark} type Characters at an early stage with its Leader effect.
Start off by searching for a 4 cost {Thriller Bark} type Character. "OP06-094 Lola", with 6000 power, and "OP06-093 Persona", with its ability to reduce your opponent's hand, are both excellent cards to deploy in the early game. If you have multiple options in your hand, you should play these cards first.

  • OP06-080 Gecko Moria
  • OP06-094 Lola
  • OP06-093 Perona

The Leader effect trashes 2 cards from the top of your deck, so even if there is no 4 cost {Thriller Bark} type Character in your hand or trash, you might be lucky enough to find a card to play. For a more secure strategy, consider playing "OP06-091 Victoria Cindry".

Mid Game

You will want to use your powerful Leader effect every turn if possible, but you will not have all of your DON!! cards by the mid game.
If you can play "OP06-081 Absalom" or deploy "OP06-098 Thriller Bark" while using cards to lower your opponent's costs, you will be able to maintain your board advantage while using your DON!! cards efficiently.

  • OP06-081 Absalom
  • OP06-098 Thriller Bark
  • OP06-087 Cerberus

"OP06-087 Cerberus" is the card you most want to play with "OP06-098 Thriller Bark".
You will not be able to use it as a Blocker immediately since it will be played rested, but your opponent will find it hard to ignore.
If it is not in your trash, use it as a Counter and be prepared to deploy it with your Stage effect.

End Game

Use "OP06-086 Gecko Moria" to further expand your board and cement an advantageous path forward.
Play it by ear based on the combination of Characters revived from your trash.
K.O. Characters with a combination of "OP02-106 Tsuru" and "OP06-081 Absalom", or solidify your defense with "OP06-090 Hogback" and "OP06-087 Cerberus". Revive them as needed according to the situation.

  • OP06-086 Gecko Moria
  • OP06-090 Dr. Hogback
  • OP02-106 Tsuru

Finally, consider a slightly tricky technique.
If your board is filled with 5 cards when you play "OP06-086 Gecko Moria", you will need to choose 1 of the Characters on your field to trash before playing Moria.
If you trash a card like "Tsuru" while playing Moria, for example, "Tsuru" will now be an option for being revived. Even if you cannot put the card you wish to revive in your trash properly, do not give up and try to search for an option.