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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Red/Green) Kouzuki Oden

Kouzuki Oden is back! It's a Land of Wano deck bringing together cards old and new!


This red and green Kouzuki Oden deck is centered on green Land of Wano cards with strong red cards added in. Land of Wano trait cards, which lack counters but carry powerful effects, can be used well thanks to the Leader ability.
With the effect continually boosting the Leader's power, the deck can lay on serious pressure both from the Characters and Leader.

EB01-001 Kouzuki Oden

Card List


Products Used in This Deck

Deck Breakdown

Early Game

In this very powerful Kouzuki Oden Land of Wano deck, "EB01-013 Kouzuki Hiyori" lets you play cost 5 Characters a turn early.
First use "OP01-041 Kouzuki Momonosuke" to pair up "EB01-013 Kouzuki Hiyori" and cost 5 Land of Wano type Characters.

  • EB01-013 Kouzuki Hiyori
  • OP01-041 Kouzuki Momonosuke
  • OP01-035 Okiku

If you couldn't draw "EB01-013 Kouzuki Hiyori," play cards like "OP01-035 Okiku" or "OP02-042 Yamato" that rest the opponent, letting you get an advatage early in the game.

Mid Game

Play cost 5 Land of Wano Characters and "OP01-04 Kin'emon" to strengthen your field.
If you have Land of Wano Characters with costs of 5 or higher, you can continue to keep your Leader at 6000 power even during the opponent's turn, greatly boosting your resilience.

  • EB01-002 Izo
  • OP01-040 Kin'emon
  • EB01-001 Kouzuki Oden
End Game

"OP01-040 Kin'emon" and "OP02-030 Kouzuki Oden" should be used to take down your opponent's life. Since this deck doesn't have [Rush], you need to take care not to miss chances for attack with your other attackers. If "OP02-030 Kouzuki Oden" is K.O.'d, and you use his [On K.O.] effect to play "OP01-035 Okiku," you'll be able to rest the opponent's blockers to attack in the next turn.

  • OP02-030 Kouzuki Oden
  • OP01-035 Okiku
  • EB01-001 Kouzuki Oden

"EB01-001 Kouzuki Oden" uses an efffect giving nearly all the cards in the deck Counter.
If you're considering whether to take damage to your life or not in the endgame, calculate the Counter number you'll be able to use in your next defense to get even more value out of your Leader effect.