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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Black/Yellow) Charlotte Linlin

Fight on with your last Life card as the removal of black meets yellow durability!


The black deck's inherent removal ability combines with Life-sacrificing yellow cards to become even more powerful. Employ Charlotte Linlin's Leader effect to soldier on, even if you've been reduced to 1 Life.

OP03-077 Charlotte Linlin

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

Both black and yellow cards get battles off to a slow start, so you will need to focus on getting ready by playing search/draw cards and Blockers. Like in a monochromatic black deck, "OP02-096 Kuzan" will get things running smoothly with its combination of draw and cost-reducing effects.

You will only be able to use the Leader effect of "OP03-077 Charlotte Linlin" when you are low on Life. Do not use Blockers on your field to just start blocking any attack. Instead, aim to meet the activation condition of "Buzz Cut Mochi", and make good use of Triggers when your opponent attacks your Life.

Mid Game

Use K.O. effects to take the board. "OP02-099 Sakazuki" is a powerhouse on its own, while yellow removal cards such as "ST07-009 Charlotte Mont-d'Or" and "OP03-119 Buzz Cut Mochi" can be used in conjunction with cost-reducing effects to K.O. powerful Characters. If your opponent has not yet played more powerful cards, add cards such as "ST06-005 Sengoku" to prepare for the appearance of higher-cost Characters.

Even if you have barely any Life left, this deck's Leader effect can keep you in the game so long as you can maintain control of the board. Blockers in particular will help you build a strong board, so try to keep one on your field.

End Game

Turn the game into a battle of endurance with the 10-cost "OP03-114 Charlotte Linlin", or your Leader effect plus a series of powerful mid-cost cards. Your first goal is to prevent your opponent from finishing the job. Then, when they switch back to playing Characters, use your black cards' removal powers to close out the game.

One advantage of the yellow deck is that it becomes easier to turn the flip the battle on its head as your Life increases. In particular, "OP03-108 Charlotte Cracker" has the potential to decide the game in one go with [Double Attack].