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Keep attacks at bay with this removal deck focused on powerful activation effects!


Taking advantage of the Leader effect of Issho, this deck carefully uses Characters' [When Attacking] effects and [Activate: Main] effects to rest cards and gain an advantage. So long as Koby or Monkey.D.Garp are in play, you can remove Characters practically every turn and restrict your opponent from acting freely.

OP04-020 Issho

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

"ST02-007 Jewelry Bonney" and "OP01-052 Raizo" boast powerful effects that give you an advantage every turn if they remain on the field. However, their low power means they are easily dealt with if rested during your opponent's turn. The effect of "OP04-020 Issho" is ideal for protecting such Characters, letting you pull ahead with boosted card draw from the early game. Using your Leader's effect doesn't need to be your highest priority, but if you have spare DON!! cards, it's good to be proactive.

If you have no rested Characters, your opponent's attacks will be directed toward your Leader. Start by allowing a few hits so you can fill your hand, then plan a counterattack using combinations of cards with K.O. effects, or "OP01-051 Eustass"Captain"Kid" and Blockers.

Mid Game

Use K.O. effects to help clear the board. "ST08-004 Koby", which would usually be dealt with by your opponent on their next turn, can be a thorn in their side if unrested. Combine it with "OP04-083 Sabo" to prevent it from being K.O.'d by effects and put your opponent against the ropes.

From around this stage, you'll need to be conscious of how many Life cards you have remaining as you play. If you set up Blockers in advance, you can give yourself enough time to play a finisher in the endgame, so look out for high-cost cards in your hand as you set up the board.

End Game

Use high-cost finishers as a foothold to turn the tables on your opponent. Build a fortress with a combination of "OP01-051 Eustass"Captain"Kid and Blockers, or use "OP02-121 Kuzan", "ST08-004 Koby", and "ST06-012 Monkey.D.Garp" to remove your opponent's powerful Characters. In either case, increasing the number of Blockers on the field and the amount of Counters in your hand will help secure victory.

Even if you use a Blocker to attack, the Leader effect of "Issho" can be used to reset it as active. In the endgame, when both players are looking for lethal, being able to safely attack your opponent is a powerful tool to have.