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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Purple/Yellow) Crocodile

Restore and reuse lost DON!! cards with this well-prepared control deck!


This is a low-speed deck centered around the Leader effect, which lets you recover a DON!! card lost due to a DON!! –1 effect during your opponent's turn. Purple's defensive options, which gain strength at the cost of DON!! cards, combine with yellow's durability to make for an exceptionally robust deck. Use your preserved Life cards as a shield and throw down powerful high-cost cards to dominate the battlefield.

OP04-058 Crocodile

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

The effect of Leader "OP04-058 Crocodile" allows you to activate "DON!! –X" effects such as [Trigger] or [On Your Opponent's Attack] once during each of your opponent's turns at effectively no cost. This means you can readily employ "DON!! –1" effects, which, though powerful, are typically difficult to use in the early stages of a game.

When using a "DON!! –X" [Trigger], your Leader effect activates at the same time as the [On Play] effect of the Character played with that [Trigger]. Remember that if you activate the [Trigger] of "OP04-064 Ms. All Sunday" when you have 6 DON!! cards, you can also satisfy the draw condition by activating the Leader effect and then the [On Play] effect, in that order.

Mid Game

This deck makes it possible to rely on powerful [DON!! –1] [On Block] and [Counter] Events for defense, despite them usually being difficult to use without 10 DON!! cards at your disposal. Set up the [Counter] Events "ST04-016 Blast Breath", "OP02-089 Judgment of Hell", and "OP04-076 Weakness...Is an Unforgivable Sin." to establish a defense normally unheard of when starting with four Life cards.

The Leader's [Opponent's Turn] effect can only be used once per turn, meaning that any additional DON!! cards lost during a turn will not be restored. Activate effects tactically, checking your hand and Life to see if you should activate a DON!! –X effect again, even if it reduces your DON!! cards for your next turn.

End Game

Take advantage of the Life advantage you have established in the early and mid game to unleash your heavyweight Characters. Line up "ST07-010 Charlotte Linlin" and "OP04-060 Crocodile" to further widen the Life gap and gain an unshakable advantage.

DON!! cards are restored in an active state by your Leader effect. Even in a turn where you have used up all your DON!! cards by playing a Character like "OP04-072 Mr.5(Gem)" or "OP04-060 Crocodile", if you activate your Leader's effect with a [DON!! −X] effect, you'll gain access to [Counter] Events.