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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Red/Purple) Monkey.D.Luffy

Combine speed with explosive force in this no-holds-barred deck!


This deck features DON!!-ramping options and ultra-high-cost cards in order to capitalize on Monkey.D.Luffy's Leader effect.
By busting out heavy-hitting Characters faster than other decks, you'll quickly seize the advantage with unbelievable effects and overwhelming power stats. Since you start with only three Life cards, you'll need to compensate with your Leader's 6000 power and some incredible red and purple Counter Events.

OP05-119 Monkey.D.Luffy

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

You'll want to start by ramping up to eight DON!! cards so you can make full use of your Leader effect.
One major advantage of this Leader is being able to use the effect of "OP05-067 Zoro-Juurou" immediately, since you start with three Life cards.

  • OP05-067 Zoro-Juurou
  • ST10-017 Punk Vise
  • OP05-076 When You're at Sea You Fight against Pirates!!

In order to drop "OP05-067 Zoro-Juurou" on your second turn, you'll want "OP05-076 When You're at Sea You Fight against Pirates!!" or "OP01-016 Nami" in the early game.
If you don't need "OP05-067 Zoro-Juurou", focus on picking up "OP01-029 Radical Beam!!" for defense, or either of your Monkey.D.Luffy Characters for when you go for the win.

Mid Game

If you can ramp your DON!! cards in the early game, you'll be able to play a 6/7-cost Character on your third turn and a 9/10-cost Character on your fourth.
Buff your Leader with "ST10-013 Eustass"Captain"Kid" or "OP02-004 Edward.Newgate" and you'll overwhelm your opponent in both offense and defense.

  • OP05-065 San-Gorou
  • ST10-013 Eustass"Captain"Kid
  • OP02-004 Edward.Newgate

If your opponent is running an aggressive deck, then from here on out, you'll want to carefully gauge whether you can survive their next turn.
It's important when adding an active DON!! card with your Leader effect to judge when to use it for higher-cost cards and when it's better to save for Counter Events.

End Game

When you've got ten DON!! cards on the field, now's your chance to get a bonus turn with "OP05-119 Monkey.D.Luffy"!
Even after you've lost the ten DON!! cards, you can use your Leader and Character's [Activate: Main] effects to get two DON!! cards back before starting your extra turn.

  • ST10-002 Monkey.D.Luffy
  • OP05-119 Monkey.D.Luffy
  • ST10-006 Monkey.D.Luffy

In effect, your 10-cost Monkey.D.Luffy Characters—both red and purple—are finishers who can attack immediately.
As you calculate, keep an eye on your opponent's Life, your own Life, the presence of opposing Blockers, and how many Characters you have, and use whichever the situation calls for.