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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Red/Yellow) Belo Betty

Pump up your allies for an all-out assault with the Revolutionary Army!


This aggro deck uses its buffing effect to grant allies an incredible total of up to 9000 power.
Many Revolutionary Army Characters can activate effects when their power increases, allowing for explosive turns.

OP05-002 Belo Betty

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

In order to maximize your Leader effect's potential, you'll want to start by focusing on bringing out Characters.
You'll be able to attack with the 1-cost "OP05-015 Belo Betty" in the long term, so play it early on.
When searching with "OP05-015 Belo Betty", your main target will be "OP05-004 Emporio.Ivankov". This powerful card hugely helps you develop your board by bringing out Characters at a low DON!! cost.

  • OP05-015 Belo Betty
  • OP05-004 Emporio.Ivankov
  • OP05-017 Lindbergh

Another of this deck's strengths is its ability to play Characters using [Trigger] effects.
Tank some early-game attacks, and aim to flood the board.

Mid Game

Bring out Characters using the [Activate: Main] effect of "OP05-004 Emporio.Ivankov" as you keep up your offensive.
"OP05-005 Karasu" is an especially useful card to play. If you can bust out multiple troublesome Characters, your opponent will have a tough time dealing with all of them.

  • OP05-004 Emporio.Ivankov
  • OP05-005 Karasu
  • OP05-102 Gedatsu

Use the KO effect of "OP05-102 Gedatsu" to punish opponents who have protected their Life cards fearing an endgame rushdown.
If you can wipe the board of an opponent who has already spent their hand on Counters, you'll be at a huge advantage.

End Game

Activate your Leader effect and unleash an onslaught of attacks.
The effect's discard cost means this deck can't stay on the offensive forever, but your series of buffed attacks will cause your opponent's hand and Life to quickly evaporate.
And of course, reducing the power of your opponent's Leader might let you end the game then and there.

  • OP05-002 Belo Betty
  • OP05-005 Karasu
  • OP05-018 Emporio Energy Hormone

There's an ever-present danger of this Leader running short on cards and Life, so you'll always want to be on guard for a counterattack.
By using "OP05-018 Emporio Energy Hormone", you can protect your Life while prepping an attacker for your next turn.