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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Purple) Monkey.D.Luffy

Spend your Life and rev into high gear with this aggressive DON!!-mover deck!


This purple deck is centered around its Leader ability, which allows you to add DON!! cards regardless of what you've got in your hand.
Since you can devote fewer cards to ramping, this deck can make more consistent use than others of powerful purple cards. The Leader's unique strength is its ability to rapidly accelerate while unleashing a solid offense with medium-cost Characters.

OP05-060 Monkey.D.Luffy

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

"OP05-060 Monkey.D.Luffy" has a powerful [Activate: Main] Leader ability which guarantees that you can add DON!! cards from early on.
Although the price is losing a Life card, it also means your hand grows that much larger. Aim to activate it often, starting from your second turn.

  • OP05-060 Monkey.D.Luffy
  • OP05-064 Killer
  • OP05-076 When You're at Sea You Fight against Pirates!!

Since you don't need to draw DON!!-ramping cards in the early game, you'll want to focus on finding ideal mid-game cards.
When you have "OP05-064 Killer" or "OP05-076 When You're at Sea You Fight against Pirates!!" in your starting hand, pick your cards based on how many DON!! cards you'll have two or three turns down the line.

Mid Game

Add a DON!! card on your second turn and you'll be able to get a powerful 4/5-cost Character on the board a turn early.
If you can blitz out "OP02-085 Magellan", you'll totally upset your opponent's plans.

  • OP02-085 Magellan
  • OP05-074 Eustass"Captain"Kid
  • ST04-002 Ulti

"ST04-002 Ulti" has a +2000 Counter but also allows you to play two Characters at once.
Since this aggressive deck is less focused on preserving Life and more on offense, feel free to use this combo whenever you have it in your hand.

End Game

Once you've rushed out some medium-cost Characters, use them as a foothold to safely bring out high-cost Characters.
By buffing your Leader with "ST10-013 Eustass"Captain"Kid" or "OP02-120 Uta", you'll make it tough for your opponent to reclaim the board or go after your Life.

  • ST10-013 Eustass"Captain"Kid
  • OP02-120 Uta
  • OP05-119 Monkey.D.Luffy

Although "OP05-119 Monkey.D.Luffy" is a powerful finisher, its incredible effect also wipes your Characters and DON!! cards from the field.
When you're short on Characters due to activating [Blocker] effects or from your opponent's removal, it might be the ideal time to give yourself an extra turn.