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Steal their will to fight with rest effects in this removal deck!


Your Leader's ability to rest a low cost Character every turn makes it easy to get control of the board in the early game.
Combining black cost-reducing cards with green cards able to K.O. rested Characters allows you to remove Characters with exceptional efficiency.
After taking the board, use your advantage to press your opponent with high-cost Characters.

OP06-021 Perona

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

The Leader effect of "OP06-021 Perona" is ideal for removing low to medium cost Characters.
Just resting Characters and attacking them with your Leader is powerful enough, but a more effective strategy will incorporate effects that K.O. rested Characters.
For K.O. effects, look for "OP06-036 Ryuma" or "OP01-054 X.Drake" in your initial hand. You can also use "OP03-089 Brannew" to secure "OP01-054 X.Drake".

  • OP06-021 Perona
  • OP03-089 Brannew
  • ST08-002 Uta

Your opponent should have a hard time dealing with "ST08-002 Uta" thanks to your ability to defeat their low cost Characters.
Use the K.O. effect together with the cost-reduction [Activate: Main] effect to maintain your advantage in the mid-game and beyond.

Mid Game

Use your Leader effect alongside other effects to remove your opponent's Characters.
Remember that, in addition to resting Characters, your Leader's effect gives you the option of giving −1 cost.
For example, a 5 cost Character can be removed without being rested by combining the −1 cost Leader effect with "OP06-092 Brook".

  • OP06-036 Ryuma
  • OP01-054 X.Drake
  • OP06-092 Brook

Since the effect of "Brook" directly trashes your opponent's Character rather than K.O.'ing it, it will not trigger your opponent's [On K.O.] effects.
This makes it a very effective card against an opponent with powerful [On K.O.] effects or a Character that cannot be K.O,'d.

End Game

It is time to deploy finishers. You can expand your board in one move with "OP06-086 Gecko Moria",
or go for the win with the overwhelming attack of "OP06-118 Roronoa Zoro".
The ability of your Leader effect to rest your opponent's Characters is useful not only for removing but also
fending off your opponent's Blockers. If you can safely position your finisher, victory will be well within reach.

  • OP06-086 Gecko Moria
  • OP06-118 Roronoa Zoro
  • OP02-114 Borsalino

When using "OP06-086 Gecko Moria", make sure the cards you want will be securely in your trash.
Pay particular attention to Blockers like "OP02-114 Borsalino" and "OP05-030 Donquixote Rosinante",
and Characters with [On Play] effects like "OP02-106 Tsuru" and "OP03-089 Brannew".
If these cards are not in your trash, it is important to use Counters to get them there.