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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Blue/Purple) Hannyabal

Build your DON!! For all-out plays! A blue/purple DON!! accelerator deck!


A Hannyabal deck built around the Impel Down type and high cost Characters. While playing Characters with the combo between Little Sadi and the Jailer Beast type, your Leader effect can speed up DON!! cards. You can easily strengthen your field presence while playing finishers earlier than your opponent, then going for the win.

EB01-021 Hannyabal

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

In order to make early use of the Leader's [End of Your Turn] effect, you should use an initial redraw or draw effects to get Impel Down trait cards with costs of 2 or 3.
"OP02-083 Hannyabal" can only search for purple cards, so be aware that he can't pull the blue "EB01-026 Prince Bellett"!

  • EB01-021 Hannyabal
  • OP02-083 Hannyabal
  • OP02-073 Little Sadi

"OP02-073 Little Sadi" has especially nice synergy with the Leader.
You can bypass the cost of Jailer Beast Characters while using the Leader effect to return them to your hand and increase DON!! Then, you should be able to effectively use the Counter +2000.

Mid Game

Use Leader and Character effects to build DON!!, while utilizing blue deck searching cards to find high-cost Characters.
If you use the active DON!! cards added at the end of the turn for "OP01-088 Desert Spada," you'll efficiently gain access to finishers.
If you spot "OP06-119 Sanji" in your hand or at the top of your deck, you can consider your deck order to make use of Sanji's strong [On Play] effect.

  • OP01-088 Desert Spada
  • OP06-119 Sanji
  • EB01-061 Mr.2.Bon.Kurei(Bentham)

"EB01-061 Mr.2.Bon.Kurei(Bentham)" is very effective for adding DON!! Cards, and has an extremely powerful [When Attacking] effect that lets you copy the power of opponent Characters.
If your opponent looks to be playing using a large Character deck, rather than attacking right away, it's possible to keep him active to put pressure on your opponent's large character plays.

End Game

Using this deck's ability to progressively speed up DON!! Cards, you should be able to safely play Characters with a cost of 9.
Once you've gained control with "ST04-003 Kaido" and "OP01-070 Dracule Mihawk," arrange your hand with card searching to firmly grasp victory.

  • ST04-003 Kaido
  • OP01-070 Dracule Mihawk
  • EB01-021 Hannyabal

If you're at risk of not being able to defend your remaining life in the endgame, you can use the Leader effect to return already attacked Jailer Beast cards to your hand for counters. By remembering that the Leader effect can be used for other purposes than DON!! card acceleration, you'll waste no opportunity to win.