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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Blue/Black) Sakazuki

Lay down the law with this righteous removal deck!


Bust out high-cost finishers that remove your opponent's Characters, and use your Leader's card-swap and cost-subtraction effects to deal one blow after another.
This deck merges the stability of blue's card draw with black's pressure to stifle the opponent with removal.

OP05-041 Sakazuki

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

The Leader effect of "OP05-041 Sakazuki" allows you to cycle one card every turn. If you've drawn too many high-cost cards with no Counters, this effect can help fix up your hand.
Out of the gate, you'll want to fish for high-cost finishers. From there, shore up your hand with low- and medium-cost search cards, alongside your Leader effect.

  • OP05-041 Sakazuki
  • OP03-089 Brannew
  • OP05-093 Rob Lucci

If you're going second and you have "OP05-093 Rob Lucci" in your hand, it's critical to use your Leader effect from your first turn.
If you cycle cards during your first and second turns and then use a Counter during your opponent's first attack, you'll already satisfy the [On Play] condition of having 3 cards in your trash.

Mid Game

Your objective during the mid game will be to hunt for a solid opportunity to drop "OP05-051 Borsalino".
Combine it with your Leader's cost −1 effect to return Characters of up to cost 5 back to the owner's hand. You can also expand your removal options even further if "OP02-096 Kuzan" or "ST06-005 Sengoku" is on the field.

  • OP05-051 Borsalino
  • OP02-096 Kuzan
  • ST06-005 Sengoku

A little later on, you'll be playing a series of Characters with removal, so you'll want to save some cost-reducing cards.
If your opponent has a deck that will hit you later with high-cost finishers, consider whether it's safe to attack with "OP02-096 Kuzan" and "ST06-005 Sengoku", which would leave them rested.

End Game

From here, you'll play one powerful finisher after another.
"OP04-044 Kaido" normally returns one major and one minor Character to their owner's hand, but with this deck, you can unleash a combo that sends two huge threats back at once!

  • OP01-070 Dracule Mihawk
  • OP04-044 Kaido
  • OP04-083 Sabo

Once you've suppressed the board, go on the offensive while protecting your own Life.
Use your Leader effect to fish for +2000 Counters, and bring out your Blockers, "OP05-086 Nefeltari Vivi" and "OP04-083 Sabo", and it'll be game over. Your opponent will have an almost impossible time breaking through.