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RECOMMENDED DECKS(Blue/Purple) Hannyabal

Draw power from your life to take down opponent Characters!


Making use of the Leader Kyros, who can K.O. opposing Characters without expending DON!! cards, this deck can efficiently influence the board.
Centered on cards with Dressrosa, use black's effect of lowering opponent Character costs to get an edge in the game.
The Leader effect requiring face-down life works great with yellow's life-manipulating effects.

EB01-040 Kyros

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Deck Breakdown

Early Game

This Kyros deck excels at using the Leader's [Activate: Main] effect to control the field. You'll need to focus on getting cost-lowering methods to work with the Leader effect. "OP04-092 Rebecca" is excellent at drawing cards, but be aware that she can't add the identically named "OP05-09 Rebecca" to your hand.

  • EB01-040 Kyros
  • OP04-092 Rebecca
  • EB01-052 Viola

A point to keep watch of is that the Leader effect only works with the top card of your life is face down. If it's face up, you can use "EB01-052 Viola" to turn it over, or take an attack from your opponent. Conversely, when your top life is face down, you'll want to try and protect your life. It's important to not hold back too much, playing enough cards to use them in defense.

Mid Game

In this section of the game, you'll play Character cards with effects that majorly lower cost, while using your Leader effect to stay in control.
"EB01-04 Laboon" and "OP04-088 Hajrudin" can lower opponent Character costs every turn, letting you get the most from your Leader effect.

  • EB01-048 Laboon
  • OP04-088 Hajrudin
  • ST06-015 Great Eruption

"ST06-015 Great Eruption" is a useful card letting you lower the opponent's costs without expending your hand.
It's best to use this as an aid for K.O. effects, or you can choose to use it to draw when you don't have the hand you need.

End Game

In the late game, play large Characters to enhance your presence on the field.
"OP06-086 Gecko Moria" can revive Character cards that lower opponent costs, making a mighty finisher that, when used with the Leader effect, lets you gain control.
"OP04-112 Yamato" works well recovering life so that the Leader effect can be used more often. The [On Play] effect is normally hard to use on large Characters, but using it with cards like "OP02-117 Ice Age" enhances its potential for removal.

  • OP06-086 Gecko Moria
  • OP04-112 Yamato
  • EB01-057 Shirahoshi

Once you've gotten field control, assemble blockers to defend your life. "EB01-057 Shirahoshi" is resistant to K.O. by the opponent, delivering stable defense for 2 cost.
However, it's weak to rest effects, so you'll want to decide when to use cards for defense like "OP04-083 Sabo" that are high cost and harder to remove.